Serving in and around the Richland County area of Ohio.


You do what?!

We provide affordable poop-scooping services.
We scoop anytime you need it!

If you have a dog then chances are you’ve got dog waste ( our experience, those chances are about 100%). Not only is dog waste messy, unsightly, smelly, and bothersome, but it also creates a serious health hazard if not dealt with properly. Worms and viruses such as roundworm, ringworm, whip worm, and the deadly parvo virus are all transmitted through dog feces.

Most customers would prefer our once-a-week or twice-a-week services. We can also provide a one-time cleaning – all at extremely reasonable rates! There are no long-term contracts.You can make changes to your service or cancel anytime with just one day’s notice.

You do not have to be home while our technician cleans your yard and we don’t mind a bit if your dogs are left in the yard so long as they are friendly. We do not want to risk our service technician's safety.

We offer several different service plans so that we can meet your specific needs, whether it's a one-time clean or weekly service. We will rid your property of offensive, unsightly, and dangerous dog waste. Our scooping tools are carefully disinfected between every job to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases. Our tech will survey the area to get all the waste, and before leaving they will make another pass to ensure nothing was missed.

If you are not completely satisfied with your service, please call us within 24 hours of the cleaning, and we’ll re-clean your property at no charge! This is our 100% guarantee. Please note we cannot guarantee our service when working in areas that have tall grass or weeds, or when there are excessive amounts of leaves, ivy, trash, mud, or snow. We also cannot guarantee our service when waste is cleaned from between rocks. But even in these cases, we will always do our absolute best to get every piece of waste. We want your area to be clean and safe for your family and pets.

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