Waste Cleanup

Dog waste does not make a good fertilizer. It is actually toxic to your lawn, causing burns and unsightly discoloring. Dog feces is more than just a nuisance - it can pose a serious health hazard. Why? A number of common parasites, including round worm, are transmitted via dog feces. Dog feces are one of the most common carriers of the following diseases:


*See our "Pests" section for more information on these problems.

When infected dog droppings are left on the ground, the eggs of the roundworms and other parasites can linger in the soil for years. As a result, anyone who comes in contact with the soil also comes in contact with the infected eggs.

Children run the greatest risk of infection because they're prone to play in the dirt at the park or playground and then put their hands in their mouths or rub their eyes with their hands. But even a group of teens or adults playing Frisbee or touch football in an open area could be in danger. Parasitic infections can make humans extremely sick, and for pregnant women, can pose a serious harm to their unborn child.

Dog Waste contains bacteria and parasites, as well as organic matter and nutrients, notably nitrogen and phosphorous. In addition to these diseases, the organic matter and nutrients contained in Dog Waste can degrade water quality. When Dog Waste is washed into a surface water body, the waste decays. This process of breaking down the organic matter in the waste uses up dissolved oxygen and releases ammonia. Low oxygen levels, increased ammonia and warm summer water temperatures can kill fish.

Excess phosphorous and nitrogen added to surface waters can lead to cloudy, green water from accelerated algae and weed growth. Decay of this extra organic matter can depress oxygen levels, killing organisms. Objectionable odors can also occur.

Flies and other pest insects can also increase when Dog Waste is disposed of improperly, becoming a nuisance and adding another vector for disease transmission.

Sometimes, the 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude exists regarding Dog Waste. Employing this flawed thinking, waste is often disposed of in the street storm water catch basin. Aside from dumping directly into a water body, this is the single worst place to dispose of waste. In the next rainstorm, the accumulated waste is transported quickly and efficiently to the nearby receiving water course, polluting it. Water quality monitoring studies in New Jersey have emphasized this specific problem. That said, then, specifically what can be done?

With Pet Service 4 U, you can wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business. We're here to clean up after your pet and make sure your lawn is a safe and clean place for your family to enjoy. We will report any irregularities of findings to you so you can determine if your pet needs to be seen by a Vet for any treatments.

We provide affordable poop-scooping services and will work with you to find a schedule that is great for you. We offer several different service plans so that we can meet your specific needs, whether it's a one-time clean or weekly service.
Our scooping tools are carefully disinfected between every job to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases.

We offer a 10% discount for 6-month prepayment, and a 15% discount for 12-month prepayment. If you cancel before the prepayment expires, we will return the unused portion to you.

At Pet Service 4 U we are fully committed to honesty, integrity, and being the best in the business. We stand behind our pet waste removal service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 100% Guarantee

If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of your service, just give us a call and we will send someone out to re-clean your yard, for free.

When your tech arrives they will scoop up and bag all pet waste as well as any small trash that’s easy to get. Next they will shut your gate securely and double bag, tie off the bag, and leave it wherever you would like such as in your outside trash can. If you would rather not have the bag placed in your trash, simply let the tech know and they take it when they leave (unless transporting pet waste is against local ordinances). For your pet & yard’s protection a disinfectant spray is used on our tools and shoes between each yard to prevent the spread of disease.

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