100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your complete satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed or it's free*! How can you go wrong?!
Pet Service 4 U will happily come back out to your property within 24 hours if you feel we did not do a terrific job – and won't charge you for EITHER of the cleanings!

Pet Service 4 U works very hard to build a reputation of reliable top quality service. If our work is not completely satisfactory please let us know immediately. If we are notified within 24 hours of the poor cleaning, we will make it right by returning to re-clean your property for free within 24 hours*.
And we won’t consider it resolved until you say so. Our goal is to make you so happy you’ll never want to leave. We’re so confident in our service that you can choose to skip, suspend or even cancel for any reason at any time! All you have to do is notify Pet Service 4 U any way you want: email, telephone, mail, or in person. We want you to realize what a Pet Waste Cleanup Service should be. With Pet Service 4 U, that begins and ends with your complete satisfaction every time.
Once you’ve experienced Pet Service 4 U’s reliable, hassle-free service we truly believe that you will be a life-long customer and tell everyone you know how we saved you the hassle of the downside to having your four-legged family members.

* First-time and one-time cleanings can always be re-cleaned for free but customer will still be charged for the initial cleanup.
* Please note we cannot guarantee our service when working in areas that have tall grass or weeds, or when there are excessive amounts of leaves, ivy, trash, mud, or snow. We also cannot guarantee our service when waste is cleaned from between rocks. But even in these cases, we will always do our absolute best to get every piece of waste.