Other Services

  • Pet food/supply delivery
    Don't have time or want to get out in nasty weather? We will stop and pick up your food or supplies for your pet(s) when we come for your service call. You can pay in advance with your bill and tell us which schedule date you would like it delivered, or call us at least the day before your appointment and pay when delivery is made.
  • Lawn Disinfectant Spray
    Moving into a new home that previously had dogs in the yard? This is the product for you. No one can completely guarantee to rid a yard of all diseases but this all-natural parvocidal disinfectant spray is the best way to protect your best friend(s) from previous sick pets.
  • Pee Post
    This 8 inch stake is placed in the ground and encourages your dog to go only in that area. This training aid lasts up to 3 months and is installed by Pet Service 4 U.
  • Don’t Go Here
    This Training aid is used at least once per week for at least 13 weeks. 1 application covers up to 500 sq. ft. It is completely safe and environmentally friendly. We sprinkle it anywhere you want to teach your pet not to go.

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